A Drunk driving a Car Carrier tried to out run Police (Video)

August 2, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Police footage captured on dash cam of a Semi Car Carrier loaded with vehicles trying to out run cops during a high speed chase that happened in Russia.  The video was uploaded to Youtube by the City of Grodno’s Youtube channel on the 30th of July.  Watch as this crazy, drunk driving Psycho goes all out to get away from police.


Guy out runs cops on motorcycle then posts video to youtube (Video)

May 31, 2014 — by feedmeister0

A Mauldin, South Carolina man is facing multiple charges after police said he posted GoPro videos of himself outrunning and losing police on a video that he posted to YouTube.  The Mauldin police said 26-year-old Derek Kellett faces five different counts of reckless driving, all of which involve five separate clips that he uploaded to the YouTube.