It was so windy in England that this waterfall ceased to exist (Video)

October 22, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Checkout this footage uploaded by Rod Kirkpatrick’s youtube channel on October 21, 2014.  It was so windy in England the other day that the Kinder waterfall which normally has a 98ft downfall ceased to exist.  The Kinder Downfall is fed by river Kinder in the northwestern Derbyshire region of England.  

SOURCE: Rod Kirkpatrick Youtube


Scientists find New Monuments under Stonehenge (Video)

September 15, 2014 — by feedmeister0

The University of Birmingham in The United Kingdom has just discovered a series of new monuments located on the grounds at stonehenge using advanced technology.  Professor Vince Gaffney & Eamonn Baldwin explain in this video how they used MagnetometersElectromagnetic induction, and Ground Penetrating Radar to locate new monuments located under the earth on the grounds surrounding Stonehenge. Some of the monuments discovered look like Mini-Henges. This video was published to Youtube on September 12, 2014.

SOURCE: University of Birmingham on Youtube


CCTV Baby Falls on Train Tracks in stroller (Video)

August 13, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Police just released this security footage of a baby falling onto the tracks at Goodge Street station in London, England.  The stroller was caught by a gust of wind from a outgoing train and sucked onto the tracks.

The footage was captured on July 23rd and there is no record of The Baby being admitted to any local hospital for this.  

Police want to know exactly who the parents are and if the baby is ok?

I want to also know who the Hell the boy is wearing the headphones!  Watch as the guy is motionless the whole time this incident happens.  Either he is totally oblivious to what happened or worse yet…he has no emotion at all!

If you recognize anyone from the video, contact the British Transit Police at this number 0800 40 50 40
or text 61016.



Baby Seal Steals board from Surfer (Video)

August 6, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Checkout this Gnarly footage of a Baby seal in the ocean off the coast of England.  Andrew Flounders & Matt Stanley were surfing near Northumberland, England when this badass thrasher decided to snake his board.  Matt Stanley had a Gopro strapped to the board to catch some surfing footage for the day, but never imagined that This guy would steal the scene.


Mini Tornado spotted in Worcester, England (Video)

May 8, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Ross Withers, 24, spotted the 20ft tall cloud of dust and gravel swirling around outside a boozer in Cripplegate Park in the city of Worcester on Saturday afternoon. The Incredible video footage taken just yards away shows intrigued onlookers gathering to look at the tornado which flew narrowly close to cars and people before it fizzled out against a fence. 
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Quadcopter Flight Over English Coast captures spectacular footage (Video)

April 4, 2014 — by feedmeister0

 A film maker uses aTBS Discovery Pro quadcopter to capture awe-inspiring footage.  The location is on the north Cornwall coast in England, near Newquay.  Everything came together perfectly for the flight: the wind dropped, the sun was low and orange and the tide was almost completely in. In fact, this footage is straight out of the camera.