4K Footage of the Largest Fire in the History of California

December 26, 2017 — by feedmeister0



Here is well shot 4K video footage shot by a professional videotographer during the Thomas Wild fires in California. The Thomas Fires are now considered to be the largest wild fires in the recorded history of California.

SOURCE: Gabriel Mann on Youtube


Highway To Hell Creek Forest Fires Commute to Los Angeles

December 7, 2017 — by feedmeister1



This driver’s daily commute to Los Angeles along the 405 Freeway looks like a commute to the ‘Highway to Hell! The Los Angeles Forest Fires also known as the Skirball fires, and Creek Fires started on December 6, 2017. New fires have also erupted near the UCLA campus. The fires have already burned over 50,000 acres in Ventura County.

SOURCE: IBTimesUK on Youtube

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Drone: Aftermath Santa Rosa Fires, Looks Like Nuclear Bomb

October 11, 2017 — by feedmeister0


    A drone captured aerial footage of the aftermath of the Santa Rosa, Northern California forest fires that have wiped out over 2000 homes and businesses.  The drone footage in this video looks like a nuclear bomb went off.

SOURCE: Washington Post on Youtube


Stunt Man On Fire For 45 Seconds (Video)

September 9, 2017 — by feedmeister0

     Dynamic Effects Canada was asked to simulate a man on fire falling from a burning building. They lathered him up in a special smokeless, non-toxic Pure Burn Flame Paste and lit the stunt man up. The Pure Burn Flame Paste burned for over 45 seconds and there wasn’t any visible burning on the Nomex suit. The stunt guy even washed and kept his custom Nomex suit for future use! Another successful stunt body burn done by Dynamic Effects Canada.   

SOURCE: Alan Yuhas on Youtube


Apartment Fire and Crane Collapse in Raleigh, North Carolina (Video)

March 17, 2017 — by feedmeister0

     Here is footage captured of an apartment fire on the 400 block of North Street in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The video was captured from a parking garage a couple blocks away.  The fire went to 5 alarms and the extreme heat collapsed a construction crane. 

SOURCE: Donyoguy channel on Youtube


Dashcam: Adelaide hills bush fires in Australia (Video)

January 4, 2015 — by feedmeister0

Tony Salvatore’s youtube channel just uploaded footage of the devastating bush fires that have gone out of control in the Adelaide Hills area of Australia.  According to local media, the firefighters have been battling the blazes for over 3 days now.  Some of the footage in this video looks like a scene straight out of an apocalyptic Hollywood movie.

SOURCE: Tony Salvatore Youtube

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Footage of a Whole city block on Fire in Downtown, Los Angeles (Video)

December 8, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Here is video Footage uploaded to Gisela Margarita’s channel on Vine showing what it looked like near the freeway exit off 101 in Downtown Los Angeles last night.  After Getting off the exit, you would of thought that a bomb just exploded.  More than 250 fire fighters were called to the scene of a large apartment tower on fire, that was under construction in the 900 block of Fremont Avenue, Los Angeles.

SOURCE: Gisela on Vine


Compilation of Gas Explosions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Video)

August 2, 2014 — by feedmeister0

A series of Gas pipeline explosions took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Thursday the 31st of July.   The explosions reportedly caused at least 25 deaths.  Here is a video compilation put together show different views of the explosions that took place, and awesome drone footage of the aftermath of the explosions.