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NASA sends first video from space station with a laser beam (Video)

June 6, 2014 — 0

NASA announced late Wednesday that it would beam enhanced-definition video via laser from the space station to the Table Mountain Observatory in Wrightwood, Calif. From there, the video will be transmitted to the mission team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.   Here is the video that they beamed from the space station on NASA;s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Youtube channel.

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Cherry Tree seed that sprouted in space bloomed 6 years early (Video)

April 12, 2014 — 0

Japan sent several cherry tree seeds to the International Space Station in 2008 for both scientific and symbolic purposes.  The seeds have since returned to Earth and in some cases been planted.  Typically, it takes a cherry tree about 10 years to grow to the point where it will blossom.   The space cherry, remarkably, did it in just 4.  ~please checkout the cool ads before you go, thanks for visiting~