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Mobileye raises $890 Million as largest Israeli IPO in U.S. History (Video)

August 2, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Mobileye came in Large on the New York Stock Exchange on friday morning opening up at $36 a share.  Mobileye opened $11 dollars higher than it’s original calculated share price of $25.  They reached a high of 39.40.  The end of day closing price was $37.00.

Mobileye for most that don’t know is an advanced technology company that develops vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for automobiles etc. This technology offers advanced Visual and auditory warnings of impending collisions.  

I have attached three videos here: 
(1) The 1st video describes in more detail about who Mobileye is, and what they actually do.  
(2) The 2nd is a video of a 2014 Tesla model S equipped with the Mobileye collision aviodance system.  
(3) The 3rd video is what bloomberg had to say about Mobileye’s IPO opening on friday.

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Wearable Gadget will make you feel like a Jedi (Video)

June 27, 2014 — by feedmeister0

I bet this gadget will make you feel like a Jedi, or at least one step closer anyway.  Myo would like to introduce their new wearable gesture control band from Thalmic Labs.  This device will work with pretty much any device you possibly use.  It works with Mac, PC, iOS and android devices.  You have to see this to believe it.