Navy’s electromagnetic railgun Successfully Fires Multi-Shot Salvos (Video)

September 18, 2017 — by feedmeister1


    The Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstrates the Navy’s electromagnetic railgun initial rep-rate fires of multi-shot salvos at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6.     

SOURCE: usnavyresearch on Youtube


Here is ‘The Missile System’ Analysts speculate took down Malaysian flight MH17 (Video)

July 20, 2014 — by feedmeister0

This is the missle system that analysts believe took down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on thursday.  The airline wasn’t shot down by a shoulder mounted rocket, like some might of initially believed. Analysts speculate that The Buk-M2 SAM was used.  SAM is a family of self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile systems developed by the former Soviet Union and Russian Federation and designed to engage cruise missiles, smart bombs, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Israel’s air strike warning “57 Seconds to Death” (Video)

July 17, 2014 — by feedmeister0

The Israel Defense force in some cases warns particular places that they are about to bomb with a small explosion on the roof.  Usually the ones to get the warning are hospitals, clinics, schools and some homes.  They call this “knocking on the roof.”  Here is live footage of a clinic that they warned, before leveling the place 57 seconds later.


Darpa Smart Bullet changes direction in mid-air (Video)

July 12, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Watch as DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program that theyrecently conducted demonstrates the first successful live-fire tests using in-flight guidance of .50-caliber bullets. This video shows EXACTO rounds maneuvering in flight to hit targets that are offset from where the sniper rifle is initially aimed. EXACTO’s specially designed ammunition and real-time optical guidance system help track and direct projectiles to their targets by compensating for weather, wind, target movement and other factors that could impede successful aim. 


Taliban uploaded footage of the swap of 5 taliban for 1 American POW (Video)

June 4, 2014 — by feedmeister0

This is authentic video footage of the Five Mujahideen that were exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl, the last American Taliban captured. All these people were considered the most elderly of the Guantanamo prisoners. Their names are: Mullah Nuru Allaah Nuri, Mulla Abdul Haqq Vas, Maulavi Muhammad Nabi Umari Mullah Khair Allaah Khair Hvah, Mulla Muhammad Fazil Ahnad.