MIT Electric Robot Cheetah jumping over obstacles (Video)

September 17, 2014 — by feedmeister0

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has just released new footage to youtube on September 15th of a new algorithm that they have developed for the Robotic Cheetah.  The MIT Robotic Cheetah can run up to 10 miles per hour.  The new algorithm allows the Cheetah to jump.  Watch as this Cheetah can now jump over one foot high obstacles.  Most robotic animals up to date have been powered by internal combustion engines, and hydraulic transmissions. MIT shows you that a electric powered robotic animal can run and jump over obstacles and not make all the noise of an internal combustion engine.

SOURCE: Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Youtube


MIT’s new phase-changing material could create more Biological looking Robots (Video)

July 20, 2014 — by feedmeister0

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a new phase changling material that is built from wax and foam.  The material was developed by a group of researchers at MIT and is capable of switching between hard and soft states.  The robots built from this cool material would be able to operate mor like a biological organism.  This material could sent search and rescue missions onto a whole new level.  Checkout the awesome video just recently uploaded to MIT’s youtube channel on July 14, 2014.