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Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot is Almost Ready for Your Job

February 24, 2016 — by feedmeister0

     Hats off to Boston Dynamics. It looks that they have just made a major quantum leap with the Atlas Robot after watching they’re newest video on YouTube. Google bought Boston Dynamics a few years ago, and you can see that the robots have advanced dramatically. 

     Watch as the Atlas humanoid robot walks through the woods, picks up boxes, placing them on shelves, and even picks itself back off the floor after being pushed over. The Atlas also has self balancing and defensive characteristics built in like they’re 4 legged beasts that you saw on the videos from last year. 

      I calculate that by the advancement made with the Atlas, that these guys might be in a warehouse near you by 2025. Here is the video and a link to Boston’s channel is below, enjoy.

SOURCE: Boston Dynamics on Youtube